How to make your blank clothing more fashionable

Blank Shirts Inc – Sometimes we all get a little stuck trying to think of new and creative ways to design blank t-shirts, or to further evolve our clothing line with new looks and styles. All we need is a bit of a creative jolt to get us going again with designing on blank clothing. There are a few design ideas you may not have thought about or attempted but might strike a creative nerve.

One of the first ideas for clothing blanks is a 3D image. You can create a 3D effect with your image on any t-shirt as long as you know how to manipulate the image. First, you need to choose a couple of different colours. It doesn’t matter which as long as they are bright and contrast from each other sharply. You will want to use a program like Photoshop to create your image in one colour, say blue. Then you’ll copy the image and paste it as yet another layer, but change the colour to something else, like green. You’ll want to place it just off of the first image, so you can tell there are two layers. You can move it just down and to the left. Make another copy in yet another colour and place it slightly up and to the right. It should give the illusion of a 3D image.

Instead of just working with stencils you bought to design blank clothing, what about creating your own custom ones? Instead of using stencils that other people may be using and that won’t seem original, a custom can be a great way to leave your own personal mark on your designs. You’ll need your blank clothing, a scalpel, a spray mount, and spray paint.You can create the stencil online through any paint program. Then you make to make sure you about no holes. So that when you do the spray painting only the image part is coloured not the whole t-shirt. By this way you can make your own design and set up your own fashion statement.