Using Blank Clothing to Start a Customizable Clothing Line

BlankShirtsInc – Starting your own clothing line is an exciting process. You come up with your designs, you order your wholesale blank t shirts and you buy a screen printer. Seeing your designs on a shirt is a pretty amazing experience, but also finite. The customer either likes the design and buys it, or hates it. But what if you gave them the opportunity to design their own shirts?

There’s nothing better to a customer than to feel like they are part of the design process of their own clothing. You can offer them this option with ease. The first step is to decide on what your stock graphics will be. These you can design yourself, making sure you get a broad spectrum of ideas. From animals to pop culture icons, to simple shapes like stars and hearts, make sure you have a good selection of basic t shirt design ideas that most people will want. If there is anything you miss, you can have a suggestions box for future designs. You will also have to offer a few different options for text. The basics, like Times New Roman, Comic Sans, and Courier New are mandatory to have. Then you can get a little more creative in looking for other fonts, like the title font of Star Wars or something similar. Give your customers fun options so they can feel like they have freedom to create anything they need.

When ordering your blank clothing, make sure you have a wide range of sizes as well as colours. Make sure you span both men, women, and children sizes. Again, you want to offer as many options as you can. Have enough printing ink to contrast well with each colour of fabric so that you can offer a great mix and match of designs. And openly customizable blank clothing line is a great place to start for those who want to get into selling apparel. You’ll also be amazed by the creativity of your customers and the sayings and designs they can come up with.