Blank Branded Shirt Available at Blankshirtsinc

Blankshirtsinc – Sometimes it seems like finding a shirt without a logo, or a brand, or a sport team, or a picture of a sad kitten is almost impossible. Every t-shirt seems to be branded so that you no longer have to brand yourself. It is like no one has enough personality to just put on blank clothing anymore. We are all so defined by what we own and what we like that we might as well be suited up in Nascar one pieces with a couple dozen logos on our body, giving ownership of our very selves to corporations instead of owning our own bodies.

Maybe that seems extreme but I just cannot get into a world where everyone walks around with a millionaire like Calvin Klein or Tommy Hilfiger’s name on their chest all the time. We are mostly not millionaires and even if we were, shouldn’t we be able to stand on our own names?! That is why I buy blank branded shirt, because I do not want to present myself as the property of someone else. I am me and I am mine. I love the suggested freedom of blank branded shirts.

I refuse to be a slave not only to your logos but to your singular unit pricing structure. I am going to by a big pile of blank branded shirts and be my own fashion boss. Buying in bulk is something we have learned to do for cereal, toilet paper, and bug spray, and soup, so why not for clothes? Some folks will try and tell you it is because they do not want all of their clothes to look the same. These sheep do not realize that all their clothes already look the same just in different ways. Instead of wholesale blank t shirts these folks are wearing shirts that might as well be blank in their bland corporate logos and brand name ambiguity.

Honestly, when it comes to looking good, distracting words and logos, photos and embroidery just do not do it for me. A clean blank branded shirt is classical while not being dated and timeless without being out of time.